How to Become a Real Estate Agent Checklist

There's a lot more to becoming a real estate agent than just getting your license. Download a detailed checklist of everything that you need to do your first year (or two) as a new real estate agent. These are the things to build a SUCCESSFUL real estate career and to MAKE MONEY as a real estate agent.

Getting Your License is Just the First Step!

When you search the Internet for "how to become a real estate agent," most of the websites only explain how to obtain a real estate license. Experienced real estate agents know that's just the first step. The things you learn during the "mandatory education" phase of getting your license will not help you set up a successful real estate career in the "real world." 

Get this 11-page list of EVERYTHING you should do as a new real estate agent to set up your business and launch a SUCCESSFUL real estate career. Learn exactly what you need to do to start making money as a real estate agent as quickly as possible. Many of these items can be accomplished WHILE you are working on getting your real estate license. You can get ahead of the pack by doing as many of these things as possible BEFORE you quit your day job.

Here's to YOUR success! 

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