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Who is Sheila Cox and What's Her Story?

My name is Sheila Cox, and I love helping real estate agents SUCCEED in this business! I know you can achieve your dreams and aspirations...you just need some help from a PRO.

I have been a licensed real estate agent in Texas since 2009 (so please excuse my accent!) and have received the Five-Star Real Estate Agent award every year since 2010. I'm told that less than 1 percent of all real estate agents can claim this achievement. I mention it because this award is based on client satisfaction and don't you want to learn from someone who actually knows what they're doing?!

I still remember how lost, confused, and overwhelmed that I felt when I started my real estate career. Back then, I thought I would learn everything that I needed to know from my broker. I was wrong. My first broker didn't have ANY formal training class. And my second broker's training just "scratched the surface."

Of course, when you're new, you don't know what you don't know. You can't really evaluate how good the training is because you're not there yet. You don't have the right knowledge and experience to see that you're only being taught HALF of what you need to know (if that). That explains why you keep doing the things that you're taught, but you don't get the successful results you expect. (It's the training that's the problem...not you.)

So getting back to my real estate training journey, starting in 2009...

When I found out that I was "on my own" without a formal training program at my brokerage, I thought (maybe) I could learn what I needed from books on Amazon. So I bought, read, and studied about 30 books for real estate agents. But they were mostly outdated or they just scratched the surface too. When you're new at something, you need step-by-step instructions...not just an overview! I really got tired of reading or hearing WHAT to do but never HOW to do it.

I tried learning from colleagues and mentors in my office, but most of them couldn't remember the things they did 20 years ago when they first started in real estate. Plus, if they're successful, that means they are busy and not readily available. Not to mention that they see newbie agents as competitors in the same market...so they don't want to teach you their best systems. 

And...just because someone is good at something, doesn't mean they're good at TEACHING it to others. You may have experienced this when trying to learn from colleagues in your office. A colleague/mentor may be a great real estate agent, but an ineffective teacher.

Besides buying/studying all those real estate books, I also spent somewhere between $4000-6000 on "fancy" real estate training courses the first couple of years of my career. Most of them were pretty good, but each one only taught me PART of the WHOLE. There is really so much to learn about real estate, and none of those expensive training programs taught me EVERYTHING I needed as a new agent. 

So I began my journey in real estate and stumbled around a lot. Fortunately, I had a spouse to pay the bills while it took me several years to figure this all out. But I know that many of you don't have that luxury. You need to start making money as soon as possible. 

After about 5 years, I finally achieved the financial freedom that I wanted in my real estate career, but I still wanted something more. You see, I have a "teaching spirit." I love teaching others! Before I became a real estate agent, I was a professional corporate trainer. I spent the first 15 years of my working life as a trainer/writer and I wanted to get back to that because I missed the "buzz" I get sharing knowledge with others and helping them succeed.


That's why I have combined my 14 years of real estate experience, with the 30+ real estate books I've studied, and the knowledge that I acquired in the fancy ($4-6K) training courses, as well as the hundreds of hours I've spent in webinars, seminars, and training classes...not to mention the hundreds of online articles I have read, all into ONE ULTIMATE TRAINING BOOK for new real estate agents.

This is a 230+ page, 8"x11" book that weighs 1.5 lbs! It is THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE BOOK for real estate agents on the market. This step-by-step guide is exactly what you need to build an exciting and lucrative business in real estate!


Plus, I used my own business background (before real estate) and marketing degree to develop NEW methods for real estate success...because some of the stuff out there is just not good enough.

I basically gathered a ton of real estate training info and experience, selected the "best of the best," and then honed it into what I think is the ESSENTIAL collection of training information for new real estate agents available. You will learn MANY THINGS in my book that are not taught anywhere else...because I developed them myself. 

This is THE most thorough and comprehensive book for new real estate agents! Condensed and readily available with easy-to-use checklists, worksheets, and instructions. Consider this to be like a "boot camp" or "two-a-day training" for real estate agents. If you do all the exercises in this book, you will end up with the knowledge, systems, and tools that it takes most people 2-3 YEARS to develop...if they make it that long.

So YOU don’t have to waste all the time and money, that I had to spend, to figure out how to become a successful real estate agent. You can get what you need to know NOW and "jump start" or catapult your real estate career.

 Here's to your success in real estate!


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