JumpStart Toolkit for Real Estate Agents


"These are the presentations, transaction forms, checklists, spreadsheets, and worksheets that you need to run your real estate business!"

The JumpStart Toolkit Has All the Tools You Need !

You need a Listing Presentation and a Listing Packet when you meet with home sellers!

You need a Buyer's Presentation and a Buyer's Folder when you meet with home buyers for the first time!

You need contact sheets (intake forms) when you first talk with a potential buyer or seller.

You need checklists for managing transactions (so you don't forget anything you're supposed to do).

You need checklists for helping sellers with the sales process, including how to get their home ready for sale.

You need checklists to help buyers with the sales process and to keep them informed of their contractual deadlines.

You need a spreadsheet to track income and expenses.

You need these things (and more!) to look PROFESSIONAL and impress your clients!


This toolkit was designed for all real estate agents. This includes:

  • Pre-licensed people who want to get a head-start in the business
  • Part-time agents who want to prepare as much as possible before quitting their day job
  • Newly licensed agents who are ready to sign (or who just signed) with a broker
  • Rookie agents, in their first year of real estate, who are lost and confused
  • Experienced agents who never had the time to put their entire toolkit together

If your dream ambition is to have a career that gives you autonomy and provides financial security, then real estate is for you! This can be a fun and exciting business filled with opportunities for ambitious, hardworking individuals.

However, setting up a new business in real estate will require many things that you haven’t even thought of yet. This toolkit contains over 35 files that you need to run your real estate business. Plus, it has at least 5 videos to walk you through the process of customizing these files in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. You can BRAND these items with your logo and photos!

By Having These Items Ready-To-Go, You Will Feel CONFIDENT When Meeting with New Clients Because You Will KNOW You Have Your "Stuff" Together!

What people are saying...

"I kept avoiding making appointments. I didn't have a listing presentation or a good listing packet, so I just wouldn't make appointments. Now, I have a great presentation and I've already used it 4 times. Got 3 signed listings too!"

-- Christine W

"I finally got my s*** together and used these templates to create what I needed. My clients think I'm super-professional because I give them these checklists and stuff."

-- Mike D

"I really did feel a lot more confident once I got all these transaction forms and presentations ready. Now I don't hesitate to meet new clients."
-- Bob J

"My broker gave me a short list to follow on a transaction, but it wasn't near complete. These lists are the best I have seen. Plus, I use the Home Selling Tips & Tricks book to advertise on FB and get leads."
-- Karen M

"Hands down the best buyer's presentation that I've seen. I needed a way to explain commissions and representation to new buyers and this works like a charm."
-- Alicia G

"I can't believe all the stuff in this toolkit! I wish I would have gotten this last year when I first started."
-- Jim S


Who is Sheila Cox and What's Her Story?

My name is Sheila Cox, and I love helping real estate agents SUCCEED in this business! I know you can achieve your dreams and aspirations...you just need some help from a PRO.

I have been a licensed real estate agent in Texas since 2009 (so please excuse the accent!) and have received the Five-Star Real Estate Agent award every year since 2010. I'm told that less than 1 percent of all real estate agents can claim this achievement. I mention it because this award is based on client satisfaction and don't you want to learn from someone who actually knows what they're doing?!

I still remember how lost, confused, and overwhelmed that I felt when I started my real estate career. Back then, I thought I would learn everything that I needed to know from my broker. I was wrong. My first broker didn't have ANY formal training class. And my second broker's training just "scratched the surface."

Of course, when you're new, you don't know what you don't know. You can't really evaluate how good the training is because you're not there yet. You don't have the right knowledge and experience to see that you're only being taught HALF of what you need to know (if that). That explains why you keep doing the things that you're taught, but you don't get the successful results you expect. (It's the training that's the problem...not you.)

So getting back to my real estate training journey, starting in 2009...

When I found out that I was "on my own" without a formal training program at my brokerage, I thought (maybe) I could learn what I needed from books on Amazon. So I bought, read, and studied about 30 books for real estate agents. But they were mostly outdated or they just scratched the surface too. When you're new at something, you need step-by-step instructions...not just an overview! I really got tired of reading or hearing WHAT to do but never HOW to do it.

I tried learning from colleagues and mentors in my office, but most of them couldn't remember the things they did 20 years ago when they first started in real estate. Plus, if they're successful, that means they are busy and not readily available. And even if they are willing to help, most of them are not good at TEACHING what they know. Not to mention that they see newbie agents as competitors in the same market...so they don't want to teach you their best systems. 

And...just because someone is good at something, doesn't mean they're good at TEACHING it to others. You may have experienced this when trying to learn from colleagues in your office. A colleague/mentor may be a great real estate agent, but an ineffective teacher.

Besides buying/studying all those real estate books, I also spent somewhere between $4000-6000 on "fancy" real estate training courses the first couple of years of my career. Most of them were pretty good, but each one only taught me PART of the WHOLE. There is really so much to learn about real estate, and none of those expensive training programs taught me EVERYTHING I needed as a new agent. 

So I began my journey in real estate and stumbled around a lot. Fortunately, I had a spouse to pay the bills while it took me several years to figure this all out. But I know that many of you don't have that luxury. You need to start making money as soon as possible. 

After about 5 years, I finally achieved the financial freedom that I wanted in my real estate career, but I still wanted something more. You see, I have a "teaching spirit." I love teaching others! Before I became a real estate agent, I was a professional corporate trainer. I spent the first 15 years of my working life as a trainer/writer and I wanted to get back to that because I missed the "buzz" I get sharing knowledge with others and helping them succeed.

That's why I have combined my 14 years of real estate experience, with the 30+ real estate books I've studied, and the knowledge that I acquired in the fancy ($4-6K) training courses, as well as the hundreds of hours I've spent in webinars, seminars, and training classes...not to mention the hundreds of online articles I have read, all into ONE ULTIMATE TRAINING BOOK for new real estate agents, along with this amazing... 


Basically, I gathered a ton of real estate training info and real estate experience, selected the "best of the best," and then honed it into what I think is the ESSENTIAL collection of transaction and business tools for real estate agents. 

So YOU don’t have to waste all the time and money, that I had to spend, to figure out how to become a successful real estate agent. You can get what you need to know NOW and "jump start" or catapult your real estate career.


What's Included In the JumpStart Toolkit?

Super-charge your productivity! The JumpStart Toolkit for Real Estate Agents contains everything you need to impress your clients and run your real estate transactions.

It is the companion product to the JumpStart workbook. It contains over 35 digital files that you can customize for your real estate business. Plus, there are at least 5 "How To" videos to show you exactly how to add your photo, logo, and branding.

Your clients will be so impressed by your professionalism when you give them helpful checklists and guides to help them during the buying and selling process!

This toolkit will save you so much time and give you the tools you need to run your real estate business. It takes most real estate agents years to develop all the items you will receive in this AWESOME toolkit!  

As soon as you purchase the JumpStart Toolkit you will receive access to all the files and videos for immediate use.

The list of files you get are listed below...



  1. Questions to Ask Brokers
  2. ASB Business Plan
  3. Market Analysis Worksheet
  4. City Worksheet
  5. Neighborhood Worksheet
  6. School List
  7. Profile Cheat Sheet
  8. Client Tracking Sheet
  9. Client Folder Labels
  10. ExpenseLabels-Avery8366


  1. Buyer Contact Sheet
  2. Buyer Presentation
  3. Buyer Criteria for Home
  4. Checklist for Buying Home
  5. Agent To Do List for Buyers
  6. New Construction Offer Instructions
  7. New Home Plan Estimated Costs
  8. Planning the Move
  9. Information About New Home
  10. Guide to Home Maintenance
  11. Moving Survival Kit


  1. Seller Contact Sheet
  2. Agent To Do List for Sellers
  3. Listing Presentation
  4. Plan to Sell Your House
  5. Home Selling Tips Checklists
  6. Checklist to Sell Home
  7. Getting House Ready To Sell
  8. History of House
  9. Checklist for Showing Home
  10. Listing Home For Sale
  11. Help Submitting Offer Instructions


  1. Lead Gen Binder
  2. Daily Checklist
  3. Weekly Accomplishments
  4. Monthly Accomplishments


  1. Budgets and Income Planning
  2. Broker Decision Analysis
  3. Income and Expenses


There are 5+ training videos included in the JumpStart Toolkit to show you exactly how to customize these forms and presentations. You can easily insert your logo, your portrait, and your branding.

Buyer Transaction Forms

Buyer Contact Sheet

You will need a form to fill out when a potential buyer client contacts you. This form will guide you through the initial interview process to help you gather the information that you need to get started with a new buyer. Plus, it reminds you to ask all the right questions to determine if this is a Cold, Warm, or Hot lead. It also has a list of Follow Up items, so you know exactly what to do with your "buyer leads."

Checklist for Buying a Home

You should provide your buyer clients with a Checklist for Buying a Home to help them keep track of the process—especially deadlines! Print the checklist and put it in the Buyer Packet for the first time you meet with them. Email it to them again, with important deadlines filled-in, when you send them an executed contract. Part of your job is making sure your clients understand and meet their contractual deadlines.

Agent To Do List for Buyer Clients

You should have a very detailed checklist for all the activities you must do for your buyer clients. This will be much longer than the checklist that you give to buyers. Put a copy of this list in the front of your buyer client folders to make sure you get everything done in the transaction.

Buyer Criteria for Home Purchase

You may want a form to help you analyze a buyer client’s criteria for purchasing home. Use this form, at your first meeting, to find out what is most important to the client in making a home buying decision.

New Construction Offer Instructions

You may want to use a form to gather information from your buyer clients regarding new construction home purchases. This form will remind you of the various aspects of the builder’s contract that you should discuss with your client in advance of making an offer to a home builder. Then you can submit this form to the builder’s sales agent, in order for the builder’s agent to write the contract.

New Home Plan & Estimate of Costs

If a buyer client decides to purchase a new construction home from a builder, you may want to use a form that will help you and your client estimate the total cost, including options and upgrades, when discussing these items with the builder’s sales agent.

Information About New Home

A few weeks before Closing a buyer transaction, you should email the Information About New Home to the listing agent, to gather some helpful information about the house being purchased. Then send that information to your buyer clients. Buyer clients really appreciate this information.

Planning the Move

You may want to have a document to send to buyer clients, to help them plan their move. Clients really appreciate helpful items like this.

Moving Survival Kit

A very helpful Closing gift for your buyer clients is a “moving survival kit” which will contain many helpful items they need on moving day (which are typically packed). Use this checklist to take to a dollar store to obtain these items. Give the kit to your buyer clients at the final walkthrough or Closing.

Client Tracking Sheet

It is helpful to have a one-pager that lists your active transactions and keeps your primary deadlines in front of you. Print this form on card stock and keep it on your desktop in easy view so you can keep track with all your transactions (at a big-picture level). Each Client Tracking Sheet can track four clients at a time (listed at the top)…so you may need more than one if you are managing more that four clients at a time.


Seller Transaction Forms

Seller Contact Sheet

You need a form to fill out when a potential seller client contacts you, like a Seller Contact Sheet. This form will guide you through the initial interview process to help you gather the information you need to get started with a seller. Plus, it reminds you to ask all the right questions to determine if this is a Cold, Warm, or Hot lead. It also has a list of Follow Up items, so you know exactly what to do with your "seller leads."

Checklist for Selling a Home

You should provide your seller clients with a Checklist for Selling a Home to help them keep track of the process—especially deadlines. Give the checklist to your seller clients when they sign a listing agreement. Then email it to them again, with the important deadlines filled-in, when you send them an executed sales contract.

Agent To Do List for Seller Clients

You need a very detailed checklist for all the activities you must do for your seller clients. This will be much longer than then checklist you give to sellers. Put a copy of this list in the front of your seller client folders to make sure you get everything done in the transaction.

Listing Home for Sale

When you get a new listing, you will need to have some helpful checklists for all the things you need to do to get the house ready for sale. These checklists are for you the agent to help you set up the listing.

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

You should have a helpful checklist that lists the things a home seller needs to do to get their house ready to sell. You may want to email something like this to prospective sellers, to encourage them to select you as their listing agent.

History of House

You may want a form that sellers can fill out to identify the age of their home and all its big-ticket components. Make sure the seller can provide documentation (either written information from the previous owner or sales receipts) to support the information on this document. You may even want to include that supporting documentation with the form.

Once you receive this completed form from your seller, you can create a PDF version (including scanned receipts) and upload it to your MLS for your listings.

Checklist When Showing Home

It will be helpful to give a Checklist for Showing a Home to Potential Buyers to your seller clients, when they sign a listing agreement with you. The following shows an example of this type of checklist.

Help Submitting Offer Instructions

To help buyer’s agents when creating a purchase offer for your listings (and to ensure a smoother process for you and your client), provide them with a list of important items that are necessary to complete the contract in your area. Each area, broker, and agent will be different, so create a document that is specific to your requirements. Save it as a PDF and upload it to the MLS for your listings.

Plan to Sell Your House

Some agents only bring a printed CMA to the listing presentation, but a printed report (such as a Plan to Sell Your Home) is an excellent way to impress a home owner. This document should correspond with your listing presentation, to give the client something to follow as you go through your slides. So whenever you update your listing presentation, update this template as well.

Home Selling Tips & Checklists

After a seller hires you as their listing agent, you may want to provide them with a report that has important home selling checklists, “tips and tricks,” and other useful information. This should be information that you want to make sure the home seller sees at the beginning of the sales process.

Guide to Home Maintenance

You may want a document to help your clients with home maintenance. A document like this can be useful to home owners when they are preparing their home for sale because it should show sellers how long home systems and construction materials last (such as carpet, faucets, roofs, and HVAC systems). This may be a nice guide to give to buyer clients at the Closing table as well, to help them keep track of their home improvements.



If you only read one book in your real estate career, then this should be it! This training workbook contains detailed instructions on topics rarely (if ever) covered in other real estate training books or courses. Find out how to separate yourself from the pack and become a successful real estate agent as quickly as possible! Or if you are a STRUGGLING real estate agent, find out what skills, knowledge, or tools you are missing and get back on track for success.

After getting a real estate license, most new agents struggle to find in-depth, real-world training to help them start their real estate career. They very quickly find out that they need a road map to guide them in their first year in the business.

This step-by-step workbook has over 230 pages on 8.5"x11" paper, filled with helpful instructions, worksheets, tips, and checklists to launch your new real estate career as quickly as possible! This includes some of the best kept secrets in the real estate industry...things you may not learn anywhere else!

This is not a vague book filled with general advice. It is a practical, hands-on guide that you will use to fill-in-the-blank, check-off-the-list, and set up your new real estate business...without wasting time, money, and effort doing the wrong things in the wrong order. Just follow this proven step-by-step process, developed by 12-year veteran real estate agent, to jump start your career and achieve the financial security and independent lifestyle you desire.



The "JumpStart Toolkit for Real Estate Agents" is one of the most popular and valuable tools that I’ve ever created. I promise it will be some of the best money you’ve ever spent on your real estate business. 

However, if you are not completely satisfied with this product, then just email us, within 14 days of purchase, and you will receive 100% refund (see our Help page for detailed information).



You can be a super-successful real estate agent!
You just need the right tools.