Hey Independent Brokers! How Do You Train
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JumpStart for New
Real Estate Agents (Broker Version)

A Step-by-Step Training Course for Creating
SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agents--Fast! 



This is an EFFECTIVE training course, developed by an active, 12-year veteran real estate agent, who understands the most efficient way to get your new real estate agents up-and-running as quickly as possible.

⊗  You don't need to create your own training course...

⊗  You don’t need to shrug your shoulders when new agents ask you about internal training…

⊗  You don’t have to rely on the agents themselves to figure it all out…

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√    You just need to implement the JumpStart for New Real Estate Agents training course!    

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This training course was designed for first-year real estate agents. This is a hands on training course that is filled with practical activities that will help your new agents set up their real estate businesses, get your agents out in the field, and prepare them to be PRODUCTIVE real estate agents.

You can have your real estate agents meet once a week, at the office, to view the training video together, and then have a discussion session after the video. Then the agents will be sent into the field to perform the activities in their weekly assignment. This will help hold the agents accountable in implementing their action items. Weekly challenges and rewards are recommended to help motivate your agents!

In addition, each agent will be able to log onto the Agent Success Builder website and access the JumpStart for New Real Estate Agents course independently. This will enable each agent to view additional training videos and replay all videos as needed on their own time. All the JumpStart training materials are available for immediate download when an agent logs onto their ASB account. 

The JumpStart for New Real Estate Agents (Broker Version) training course comes complete with over 9 hours of training videos and all the transaction forms, presentations, and spreadsheets available in the JumpStart Toolkit (see details). Plus, there are four additional items to help you implement the training course:

  • Facilitator's Guide--To prepare you and your facilitator on how to implement this training course at your brokerage and guide your facilitator through each training module with detailed lesson plans.
  • Detailed Instructions--To hand out to your trainees and guide them through the training course, so they know exactly what they need to do for each training module.
  • Orientation Guide Template--To provide to your new real estate agents when you hire them. This is a Microsoft Word document that you will fill-in-the-blank and customize for your specific brokerage.
  • Agent Self Audit--To test the knowledge of your agents at the end of the training course and assess areas where they may need additional help.

"If you are tired of losing new real estate agents to the big franchise brokerages that have in-house training courses, then this is the solution that you have been looking for!"

What Is Covered In The JumpStart Training Course?

Over 9 hours of training videos and everything included in the
JumpStart Toolkit (see details): 35+ spreadsheets, worksheets, transaction templates,
buyer presentation, listing presentation, and more!


Planning Budgets & Forecasting Income

We want to help new agents “begin with the end in mind” and develop good “mind set” habits at the beginning of their career. This means they need to do some goal setting, including setting their Primary Goal.

In order to set their Primary Goal, they need to do some income forecasting. To do effective income forecasting, they need to understand compensation plans and know their expenses (business and household).

So we start with budgeting and explaining compensation plans, then we can do some preliminary income forecasting, then we can set a Primary Goal, and  (finally) work that into their daily affirmations:

“I will sell _____ houses per year and I will earn $___________ per year.”

Setting Up Shop for a Real Estate Business

You wouldn’t advertise an empty restaurant, so why do we start lead generation before agents are ready? This module helps them get many of their day-to-day systems in place as quickly as possible in order to free up their mind from worrying about these things and to give them more confidence and increasing their comfort level as a new real estate agent.

Plus, these are easy tasks to accomplish, which starts building momentum for them in their new career. The faster they start accomplishing things, the more it builds their motivation to keep moving forward in the process. According to The Progress Principle, seeing regular progress is the most motivating and inspiring thing for individuals….not just going after BIG goals.

Becoming a Local Area Real Estate Expert

Consumers want to hire real estate experts. The sooner you can get your agents to know their area (subdivisions, amenities, school ratings, etc.) the sooner they will have something valuable to offer their clients.

In addition, consumers want real estate agents who know houses better than they know houses. Get your agents to start becoming housing experts right away and teach them the habit of learning about new housing topics every week.

This will increase their confidence and help them compete with other, more experienced agents. Plus, the knowledge they acquire in the process of learning, can be used for future social media posts and other marketing activities which will, in turn, build their credibility as a real estate expert. The more credibility they can demonstrate, the easier it will be for them to attract and attain clients.

Plus, this knowledge will also help them handle the inspection phase of real estate transactions and “save more deals.”

Analyzing Your Market & Selecting a Profitable Target Market

Agents need to understand how to use the MLS to do a basic market analysis so they can find the areas that are selling the most and locate a profitable target market. It’s good for them to start their career understanding how to find data on the MLS to locate the highest selling neighborhoods, most affordable neighborhoods, most popular neighborhoods, etc.

What’s even more important is helping new agents select a profitable target market to help them be more successful at their lead generation. Selecting a target market is critical before moving on to the next training modules because the target market “dictates” how to write the business plan and how an agent brand’s his/herself on an Internet Platform as well as in their transaction forms and presentations.

One problem you may run into is having several agents wanting to target the same market areas. Think in advance how you will deal with that.oing after BIG goals.

Planning Your Marketing Strategy & Writing a Business Plan

Agents need help understanding all the various lead generation activities available to them and how to choose the activities that will be most effective. There is not one “magic solution” that will work for all agents.

In this module agents learn how to match their natural personality and their target market to the best lead generation strategies. This approach will improve their efforts and help them avoid failure or burn out with lead generation.

Having a business plan in place will be their guide for the rest of the year so they have an Implementation Plan and know what they need to do every day.

Creating an Internet Platform to Promote Your Real Estate Business

Now that agents have their target market selected, they can effectively design and brand their Google Business Profile (GBP) and other social media accounts to appeal to their target market. In this training module they are given some “pointers” on going through the process.

Each agent should set up multiple accounts including: GBP, Facebook Business page (optional). LinkedIn, YouTube, and as many others as possible (like on,,, etc.).

Getting Ready to Meet with Clients & Manage Transactions

It’s time to get the agents ready to meet with clients and manage transactions effectively. In this training module, they will customize their To Do lists, buyer presentation, listing presentation, and more.

They also need to set up their online signature/contracts system templates (Docusign, DotLoop, etc.) so they can quickly create contracts correctly when they start “doing deals.”

Setting Up Your Prospecting System

The agents should now be super-ready to work effectively with clients. So in this training module, they learn how to set up a Prospecting system and start working on that form of lead generation on a daily basis.

They need to be very comfortable with performing the tasks on the Daily Checklist and they need to understand the importance of tracking their results using the forms in their Lead Generation Binder.

PLUS, They Get Everything in the JumpStart Toolkit!

The JumpStart Toolkit for New Real Estate Agents contains over 35 downloadable resources that your agents can customize with their photos and your logo to brand for their real estate businesses. These are easy to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with step-by-step videos to show your agents exactly how to customize them for their business.

You need a Listing Presentation and a Listing Packet when you meet with home sellers!

You need a Buyer's Presentation and a Buyer's Folder when you meet with home buyers for the first time!

You need contact sheets (intake forms) when you first talk with a potential buyer or seller.

You need checklists for managing transactions (so you don't forget anything you're supposed to do).

You need checklists for helping sellers with the sales process, including how to get their home ready for sale.

You need checklists to help buyers with the sales process and to keep them informed of their contractual deadlines.

You need a spreadsheet to track income and expenses.

You need these things (and more!) to look PROFESSIONAL and impress your clients!

This toolkit will save your new agents so much time and give them the tools they need to run their real estate businesses. It takes most real estate agents years to develop all the items your agents will receive in this AWESOME toolkit!  

$199 Value

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Plus, Agents Get a PDF Version of the "JumpStart for New Real Estate Agents Workbook"

The JumpStart for New Real Estate Agents training course follows the content of the 230+ page workbook with the same name. So when you purchase the training course, your agents also receive a PDF version of the workbook, which they can print, so they will have ALL the checklists, worksheets, etc. that are in the workbook! This is an invaluable resource for new real estate agents and will get them on the fast-track ASAP.  

$29.99 Value

"Since you want PRODUCTIVE, commission-producing real estate agents, don't let them waste time trying to figure it all out for themselves!"


The JumpStart for New Real Estate Agents training course will teach your real estate agents some of the "best kept secrets" in the industry. By the time they finish this training course, they will have the knowledge and systems that take other agents two to three years to achieve. This will give them a competitive advantage in your market. They will jump ahead of their competition and start bringing in the sales commissions that make your brokerage PROFITABLE.