First Day Tasks at New Real Estate Brokerage

First Things First

Once you choose a real estate brokerage, you will need to sign some paperwork and make sure all your licensing requirements are filed with the state. If you haven’t already, contact the person you interviewed and let that person know your decision. Ask that person who you need to meet with, at the office, to get started. Then contact that person and set an appointment to start your first day. 

Person to Meet:




First Day Appointment:



About Your First Day at the Brokerage

On your first day at your broker's office, be prepared to be proactive. Do not expect the broker to hold your hand through this process. Remember, they are in the real estate business, not the training business. The broker will not have a formal HR Department or Training Department, so be prepared to ask for what you need. Bring the "List of Important Tasks for Your First Day at Brokerage" with you and that way you will be prepared.

List of First Day Tasks is Available in the JumpStart for Real Estate Agents Book


Unfortunately, things do not always go smoothly at a new brokerage on the first day. New agents frequently complain on social media. Don't let this happen to you. We will give you the information you need to get up-and-running as quickly and easily as possible! If this person would have had our list of First Day Tasks, she could have asked for exactly what she needed instead of "sitting here wondering what to do next."


Setting Up Shop for Your New Real Estate Business

But the First Day Tasks list is just the beginning. There are so many more things you need to do to get your new real estate business up-and-running. In Chapter 3 of the JumpStart for New Real Estate Agents workbook, you will have helpful checklists to help you set up your new real estate business, quickly and easily.  

You really don't have time to try to figure it all out for yourself. Jump-start your career with a detailed, step-by-step training workbook that will quickly and easily show you the way to success!




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