Best Real Estate Course for New Agents


The best real estate course for new agents (after you get your license) is the JumpStart for New Real Estate Agents training course. This online training course was developed by an active, 12-year veteran real estate agent, who understands the most efficient way to get your real estate career up-and-running as quickly as possible.

⊗  You don't need to depend on your broker to get this training...

⊗  You don’t need to ask the other agents in your office (who forgot most of the first steps anyway)…

⊗  You don’t have to read every real estate book ever written…

⊗  You don’t need to waste time trying to figure this all out (which will take YEARS)…

√    You just need to go through the JumpStart for New Real Estate Agents training course!    

√    This is the fastest way to build a successful career in real estate!



This training course was designed for first-year real estate agents. This includes:

  • Pre-licensed people who want to get a head-start in the business
  • Part-time agents who want to prepare as much as possible before quitting their day job
  • Newly licensed agents who are ready to sign (or who just signed) with a broker
  • Rookie agents, in their first year or so of real estate, who are lost and confused

If your dream ambition is to have a career that gives you autonomy and provides financial security, then real estate is for you! This can be a fun and exciting business filled with opportunities for ambitious, hardworking individuals. However, setting up a new business in real estate will require many things that you haven’t even thought of yet. You need a road map to guide you down the path to creating the tools, skills, and knowledge that you need to be an active real estate agent.

This hands on real estate course is filled with practical activities that will help you set up your new real estate business and prepare you to be a successful real estate agent. If you complete all 9 training modules in this training course, then you will be up-and-running, and working with clients, in a very short time. By performing the tasks in this training course, you will lay a strong foundation on which to build a fulfilling career in real estate. Here’s to your success!

"If you are feeling overwhelmed & confused about your real estate career, then let's get you back on track. This is the roadmap that you have been looking for!"


What Is Covered In The JumpStart Training Course?

  • Over 9 hours of in-depth training videos PLUS
  • JumpStart for Real Estate Agents 230+ page workbook (PDF version)
  • Everything included in the JumpStart Toolkit (see details) 35+ downloadable resources including: spreadsheets, worksheets, transaction templates, buyer presentation, listing presentation, and more!
  • BONUS: Upon course completion you will get free access to our CMA Course to learn how to price homes accurately




Module 1 - Planning Your Budgets & Forecasting Your Income

Module 2 - Interviewing & Choosing a Broker

Module 3 - Setting Up Shop for Your Real Estate Business

Module 4 - Becoming a Local Area Expert

Module 5 - Analyzing Your Market & Selecting a Profitable Target Market

Module 6 - Planning Your Marketing Strategy & Writing a Business Plan

Module 7 - Creating an Internet Platform to Promote Your Real Estate Business

Module 8 - Getting Ready to Meet with Clients & Manage Transactions

Module 9 - Setting Up Your Prospecting System


Build your real estate career in the proper order...
just like you need to build a house in the correct order!


What's Included In the JumpStart Toolkit?

The JumpStart Toolkit for New Real Estate Agents contains over 35 downloadable resources that you can customize with YOUR photo and logo to brand for YOUR real estate business. These are easy to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with step-by-step videos to show you exactly how to customize them for your business.

  • You need a Listing Presentation and a Listing Packet when you meet with home sellers!
  • You need a Buyer's Presentation and a Buyer's Folder when you meet with home buyers for the first time!
  • You need contact sheets (intake forms) when you first talk with a potential buyer or seller.
  • You need checklists for managing transactions (so you don't forget anything you're supposed to do).
  • You need checklists for helping sellers with the sales process, including how to get their home ready for sale.
  • You need checklists to help buyers with the sales process and to keep them informed of their contractual deadlines.
  • You need a spreadsheet to track income and expenses.
  • You need these things (and more!) to look PROFESSIONAL and impress your clients!


This toolkit will save you so much time and give you the tools you need to run your real estate business. It takes most real estate agents years to develop all the items you will receive in this AWESOME toolkit!  

 "Since you need to start earning a living in this business right away, stop wasting time trying to figure it all out by yourself!"



The JumpStart for New Real Estate Agents training course will teach you some of the "best kept secrets" in the industry. By the time you finish this training course, you will have the knowledge and systems that take other agents two to three years to achieve. This will give you a competitive advantage in your market. You will jump ahead of your competition and get closer to living the lifestyle that you have always dreamed about.

If you just get ONE client from what you learn in this training course, then you more than recover the cost!




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